St Pete Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a worldwide movement to help share the road. We come together to ride bicycles, creating awareness, respect, community and fun. This ride is held on the last Friday of every month. In St. Pete, it starts at 7pm at Williams Park in Downtown — leaving at 7:30 sharp.

This is a free, community-organized, family-friendly and slow-paced ride, usually 10 to 15 miles long. All bikes and ages welcome! Everyone is invited! Don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos with #SPCM.

Be sure to have plenty of air before the ride so you can avoid flats. Florida law also requires bicycles to have front and rear lights, this is a REQUIREMENT for this ride since it is at night. All children under 16 to wear helmets. Ride respectfully and responsibly. Ride at your own risk.

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