Our Mission


Help Earth Ride is a non-profit organization focusing on Cycling, Health, Sustainability and LOVE. A movement of awareness changing the QUALITY OF LIFE through riding bicycles, educating people on alternative medicine and new ways to heal through cycling and movement within the community.

Helping others understand the benefits cycling has on our health and the planet in which we live, while engaging and creating a sense of community to share life experiences and learn from each other. We aim to encourage and recruit cyclists, especially women. We have been leading weekly rides and events for the past few years and have noticed that the majority of cyclists are men. We would like to change that.

One of our goals is to ignite a level of confidence in female cyclists so that they will feel comfortable riding on the road with groups and in time by themselves safely. This will bring an understanding of using the bicycle as a way of transportation and commuting while saving fuel and getting exercise.

We also help with leading people in the right direction of attaining a bicycle so that they can begin their journey as a cyclist. Anything we can possibly do to get you out on your bike and on the road we will HELP.

We want to make an impact of change on the road that will help cities/towns become more urbanized through cycling enhancing the level of respect in all areas generating a new sense of love, awareness and consideration to SHARE THE ROAD.

Help Earth Ride:

With a kind contribution!