About the Creator

946745_10151515779238280_1545125799_nLela Gonzales is a Saint Petersburg, Florida native who has been in Miami for the last five years. Having first moved to South Beach, Miami then over to the Buena Vista neighborhood and finally now to Upper East Side of Biscayne.

Surrounded by the vast culture Miami has shown her she is fortunate and blessed to have made such a life-changing move to South Florida especially having a primary career in the field of bodywork that was easily transferable.

As a massage therapist for the last 15 years and massage instructor for the last 4 she has taken the human body to new levels especially through movement. One in particular is Cycling and through this she started a non-profit organization called H.E.R., which stands for Help Earth Ride.

This movement is about helping humanity gain a self-conscious awareness through cycling, health, sustainability, equality and most of all LOVE. She leads group rides weekly and monthly to enhance this vibration of warmth and community throughout the world. She aims to bring more women out to ride so that they gain a strong sense of confidence and empowerment through the bicycle with group rides and soon enough riding alone on the road.

The main goal is to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE that people lead through a healthy balance of every corner that our being needs, wants, and craves. In actuality she believes a lot of these things can be taken care of through the magnificent machine the bicycle.

She recently went back to St. Pete to start a monthly Critical Mass ride after finding out there wasn’t one there. This has been a really fun, exciting project and will hopefully open many more doors to travel and create more group rides and adventures for HER worldwide.

In the end all she yearns for is more people on bicycles, moving, changing and improving their lives and seeing how things are just more beautiful on two wheels in the outdoors with nature. This feeling of transformation and evolvement is attained when constantly in motion and forever improving.

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